Hey y'all! If you're reading this, that means you've found your way to my new shop, so congratulations and welcome!

Now you may be wondering, "Nicole, don't you already have a store on Etsy?" And yes, yes I do. BUT as we all know, it's a terrible idea to put all of your chickens in one basket!

And... Etsy is currently holding 75% of my funds on "reserve" from me because Big Anime decided I was breaking weaboo law by selling an illustration featuring some anime pirates.

So! This means that from today on I will be running two stores alongside each other! This one here will be my main store, where new items, discounts, and exclusives will take priority- while my Etsy stays up to allow for visibility. My shop here will also feature lower prices as I don't have as many fees to pay! Meanwhile, my prices on Etsy are rising in order to gently nudge people over here and to make up for the fee costs.

As a thank you to everyone checking out my new site, I have a wonderful deal for you! And that is a sale. From today until February 5th, use code BRANDNEW on any item in my shop to get 20% off! This applies to clearance and preorder items as well, so shop your hearts out!

Thank you for reading this, and for following my work all the way out here to this new site.


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